Friday, May 15, 2009

Openwork Lace Vest

Between work, knitting and taking care of the kids.. it's really hard for me to keep up with this blog.. but I finally got around to take some pictures of my project. The following is a vest I designed about a year ago and the pattern will be available in the Jan Issue of Creative Knitting which is out in Nov this year.

When I designed this vest, all i wanted is to make a very lacy vest that I could wear for work and for fun and I wanted a very quick knit. The sample in the picture was worked in Ultra Alpaca and only required 3 skeins. The vest was worked in a round using size 8 circular needle with minimal seaming. The version in the picture is a shorter version; whereas the version in the magazine will be a longer version of the same vest. This vest is meant to wear close to the body with possible 2 inches negative ease.

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musebox said...

Between work, knitting and taking care of the kids, you've gotten a lot further with knitting than I have. Congrats on your designs -- they're beautiful. I've only published one design, and that was on my own site, and it also ended up only fitting a doll! Keep up the good work -- I'm enjoying your creations!