Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Chop Cardigan - Jasmine

After redid the buttonhole and neckband 3 times... I finally finished the Chop Cardigan that I have been working on for the past 2 weeks plus. I called the cardigan 'Jasmine' because the yarn that I used it's indeed call Jasmine...

I did the buttonband and neckband 3 times because I could not make up my mind what I wanted to finish the cardigan.... the cardigan is chop length, cut right on the waist.. all over cable for the cardigan body... my first idea was to create a light ruffle since the cardigan is meaning to wear like a shrug without button... I thought ruffle was a good idea... however, after I finished... I must say it's not easy... 500+ stites each row for about 1.5 inches... took forever... the ruffle somehow make the cardigan a little bit out of proportion.. and it made people put more focus on the ruffle then the cardigan itself... so I pulled the ruffle out and try it again... the 2nd time, I decided to go a more traditional way, to put 4 button holes on the button band so that I have the option to button it if I want to... After I finished, I put the buttons on and try the cardigan on. Again same problem... the button drew too much attention from the sweater.. .May be it was the buttons that I chose... the buttons are silver with rhinostone.. I chose it because the yarn has silver thread througout.. and I though it was a good idea. I left the buttons overnight... I figured I would take a look at it in the morning to decide whether I still don't like the buttons on the cardigan.. .woke up at 7 this morning... looked at the cardigan and tried it on again.. and yes.. I hated it.. so I pulled it out again.. and decided to just do a neckband and buttonband without buttonhole.. I should stick with my original design to not do anything fancy to draw people's attention away from the body and shape of the cardigan.

After I finally finished the neckband, I put it on again. And then I told myself.. .that's it... I am satisfy.. .the next step.. is to press the cardigan.. take some picture and start writing the pattern down and get the schematic going... and yes... I hate the last part. May be it's the software that I used... I really do need help to get a good one... Stay tune for the pictures!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's going on with me lately?!?!?

Where did all the time goes..?? Between work, take care of the 3 kids, knitting, designing and getting sick... it's been a long while since my last post.

So what have I been doing for the last 2 or 3 months...
1. my baby Girl is 4 months old now.. she is a joy to have.. very easy.. very content... very cute! She enjoys being held; so I learnt to hold the baby and knit at the same time.... not too easy to do.. but I managed to squeeze in some knitting time....

2. Just put my design project in the mail to Creative Knitting. My Lacy Baby Cardigan will be featured in the Nov. 09 issue which will come out in September this year. Very happy about that. This is a cardigan that I designed for my little baby before she was born. It will be nice to share my design to people that enjoy knitting for little baby. The pattern will be available in size S (6 mo), M(12 mo) and L (24 mo).

3. Just finished a round of winter design submission to CK and IK. Not sure whether my designs will be picked; will just have to wait and see.

4. Finally got around to felt my mosaic tote and my felted mitten 2 weeks ago... both project turned out beautifully.. I am very happy about the result especially the mosaic tote.

5. I have started working on the 'Forestry' cardigan for my friend, Peggy. the 'Forestry' cardigan is from Vogue Knitting fall issue. I have to say that there are quite a few mistakes on the pattern, so it's taking me a little bit longer than I should.. but it is looking very good. Hopefully, I will post some pictures when it's over. The yarn that I chose for the project is from Knitpicks. I am very happy with the yarn.

6. I have started working on the Chop Cardigan that I designed. I must say that the design is still in progress. I tend to change the original design quite a bit as I get further into it. So far, it is looking what I am expecting. I am using the yarn, Jasmine from Louise Harding. I bought the yarn last year because of the color and feel of the yarn. The yarn is dreamt to work with; however, the only problem I have with the yarn is the weight. It is a little heavy. I designed my Chop Cardigan around the yarn, I decided to make the cardigan a chop one because of the weight of the yarn. I have finished both front and half way through the back, it's looking good... will definitely post some pic when I complete it.

7. Always finished a felted wristlet for my friend, Brenda. Brenda wanted a basic black felted wristlet for her mother for Christmas last year... and yes, last year... I am way behind... but because I was pregnant last year and took away most of my knitting time, I did not finish it. So I am hoping to finish it ASAP.

8. I have about 4 designs sketch.... I just need to put them on my computer so I don't lose my thoughts.

So a lot going on with me..... and I promise to keep up this blog and post more pictures of my finished project!