Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Chop Cardigan - Jasmine

After redid the buttonhole and neckband 3 times... I finally finished the Chop Cardigan that I have been working on for the past 2 weeks plus. I called the cardigan 'Jasmine' because the yarn that I used it's indeed call Jasmine...

I did the buttonband and neckband 3 times because I could not make up my mind what I wanted to finish the cardigan.... the cardigan is chop length, cut right on the waist.. all over cable for the cardigan body... my first idea was to create a light ruffle since the cardigan is meaning to wear like a shrug without button... I thought ruffle was a good idea... however, after I finished... I must say it's not easy... 500+ stites each row for about 1.5 inches... took forever... the ruffle somehow make the cardigan a little bit out of proportion.. and it made people put more focus on the ruffle then the cardigan itself... so I pulled the ruffle out and try it again... the 2nd time, I decided to go a more traditional way, to put 4 button holes on the button band so that I have the option to button it if I want to... After I finished, I put the buttons on and try the cardigan on. Again same problem... the button drew too much attention from the sweater.. .May be it was the buttons that I chose... the buttons are silver with rhinostone.. I chose it because the yarn has silver thread througout.. and I though it was a good idea. I left the buttons overnight... I figured I would take a look at it in the morning to decide whether I still don't like the buttons on the cardigan.. .woke up at 7 this morning... looked at the cardigan and tried it on again.. and yes.. I hated it.. so I pulled it out again.. and decided to just do a neckband and buttonband without buttonhole.. I should stick with my original design to not do anything fancy to draw people's attention away from the body and shape of the cardigan.

After I finally finished the neckband, I put it on again. And then I told myself.. .that's it... I am satisfy.. .the next step.. is to press the cardigan.. take some picture and start writing the pattern down and get the schematic going... and yes... I hate the last part. May be it's the software that I used... I really do need help to get a good one... Stay tune for the pictures!

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