Friday, November 6, 2009

Information About my Purse Patterns

For those of you that are interested in my purse patterns. All of them are available through

If you are already a member of you can search my designs by going to the above link or search my name under designers. Once you are there, you can also see my other published designs. You can also search me under my username 'Kaleido'.

All my purse patterns are $4.00 each. If you are interested in all 4 of my patterns currently available (I am on the process of adding more), I will bundle them and sell it for $12.00 or 3 patterns for $10.00. All you would need to do is to email me at to acquire more information and I will send you payment information.

I am constantly trying to improve my design so any comments, good or bad, are welcome.

Silkie B.

2 Sided Purse

2-Sided Purse
by Silka Burgoyne for Kaleido by Silkie B.

Degree of difficulty: Intermediate

I wanted a purse to have 2 different sides, in a way, I wanted a purse to showcase 2 different personalities. I decided to go with a very straight forward approached. I used 2 simple patterns for each side, diagonal and stripe. I added flower detail to one side of the purse to make it more girly.

MATERIALS[MC] Worsted Weight yarn – 220 yards
[CC] Worsted Weight yarn – 280 yards
[CC2] Accent yarn – choose one that in light weight.

The purse shown is made in Ella Rae Classic and Copa by Cascade yarn.
Patons Classic Wool or Lambs Pride Worsted will work well with the pattern. The Accent yarn is very flexible, choose one that is appeared to you.

1 set US #8/5.00 mm double-point needles
A pair of size US 11/6.50 mm needles

Notions required:
• Tapestry Needle
• Magnetic Snap (1)
• A pair of handles you desire
• Plastic Canvas – for bottom and side panels
• Fabric and Interfacing (optional)
• Sewing needle and thread

12 sts/16 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch using size 11 needle

Approximated Size after Felting: 13 inches W (Bottom), 10 inches W (Top) * 11 inches H

This purse contains three pieces: purse body 1 and 2, and purse bottom. The side panels of the purse are knit by picking up stitches from both side of the purse bottom. The attached I-cord is used for edging.

The pattern is available to purchase at for $4.00:

or click the botton below:

or visit my Esty Store at:

Please leave me a comment if you have any question about the pattern.

Silkie B.

Liz Tote

Liz Tote
by Silka Burgoyne for Kaleido by Silkie B.
Degree of Difficulty: Intermediary

I designed this tote with my friend Liz in mind. She is always in green and carry a big bag. With her red hair and fair skin tone. Green is a nice color on her. I wanted a have a nice size bag that is very practical. I incorporate a mosaic pattern that I saw in a magazine into the body of the tote. The mosaic pattern could potentially make the purse more bold or masculine; hence, I added the ribbon detail to the top of the tote to provide a softer look.

The liz Tote is worked using 2 strainds of yarn throughout and worked in the round. The picture shown was worked using Patons Classic Wool. Any worsted weight yarn such as Cascade 220 or Ella Rae Classic Wool will worked perfiectly for the pattern.

[MC] Worsted Weight yarn – 460 yards
[CC] Worsted Weight yarn – 400 yards

The purse shown is knit in Patons Classic with colors Sage (MC) and Black (CC).

1 set US #10.5/6 mm double-point needles
One 24” long US 13/6.50 mm circular needles
1 set of US 13/6.50 mm straight needles

Notions required:
• Tapestry Needle
• 4 Stitch markers
• Ribbon
• Lining Fabric (Optional)
• Sewing needle and thread

10 sts/14 rows = 4" in Stockinette stitch using 2 strands of yarn and size 13 needle

Approximated size after felting: 12 inches W (Bottom) 15 inches W (Top) * 14 inches H

The Liz Tote is available for purchase at for $4.00:

or Click the button below.

or visit my Etsy store at:
Any question about the pattern, please feel free to contact me!
Silkie B.

Anne Purse

Anne Purse is the purse I designed for my friend Anne. She is a mother of three beautiful girls, very girlie and goofy and loves pink. I utilized 2 shaped of pink to create a nice contrast. With Ruffle and rhinestone buckle make this a ultimate girly purse!

Anne Purse shown in the picture was worked using 1 strand of of Cascade 220 and 1 strand of Bollicine Sissi Yarn throughout. You can substitue Cascade 220 with any worsted weight yarn such as Patons Classic Wool or Lamb's pride wool. Bollicine Sissi is a mohair yarn that provides an subtle but interesting texture to the purse. However, adding bollicine Sissi yarn is optional depending on the preference of the user.

[MC] Worsted Weight yarn – 220 yards
[CC] Worsted Weight yarn – 220 yards
[CC2] Mohair yarn – 220 yards

1 set US #10.5/6 mm double-point needles
1 24” long US 11/6.50 mm circular needles

Notions required:
Tapestry Needle
Magnetic Snap (1)
Decorated Buckle
4 small D-Ring
Stitches holder
Lining Fabric (Optional)
Sewing needle and thread

GAUGE 12 sts/16 rows = 4" in Stockinette stitch using size 11 needle

Approximated Size after Felting: 11 inches W * 9 inches H

The pattern of the Anne Purse is available to purchase at for $4.00

or visit my Etsy store at:

Like always, comment are welcome!

Silka B.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where did the time go?

Today is my baby Channah's 1st Birthday... is it really? How time flies! I just want to share some new pics of my baby girl! She is a tiny compare to other kids at her age but she is one active girl.. has been walking for 2 months already!!!!

Here is a picture of Channah in tutu... She enjoys going to Kimi's Dance class... and she loves walking into the dance studio and look at herself in the mirror... something tells me she will also be a dancer!

Here is a pic of Channah as a Lady bug in Halloween.. it was cold other so she does has quite a few layer.. make her looks kind of chubby.. and yes, I am on the process of written down the pattern for her Beret... it's cable and lace panel.. very easy knit in worsted weight.. so stay tune....
All I really wanted to say to Channah is 'Happy 1st Birthday sweetie... you are definitely my sunshine and I love you more than you can imagine even thought you keep me up all night!'

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Apple Tote

I designed Apple Tote while I was walking around my favourite yarn store. I often let the yarn inspired me. Do you ever has experienced when the yarn just stopped you and asked you to make something out of it? It was fall and apple picking season and how appropriate is the color of the yarn also called 'Apple'?

I also made the Apple Tote for charity.
I took my 'Apple' color yarn and make it into a roomy and versatile tote bag.

[MC] Menuch Bulky [100% Wool; 110yd per 100g skein]; color: Apple - 2 skeins
[CC] Menuch Bulky [100% Wool; 110yd per 100g skein]; color: Chestnut - 1 skeins (for trim)

Finished Measurement:
Approximated Size before Felting: 18" W x 16" H x 5" D
Approximated Size after Felting: 15"W x 10" H x 4" D

1 set of US #10.5/6.50 mm dpn
A 24" long US #13/9.00 mm circular needle

Note: Substitue this yarn with any bulky yarn will produce the same effect. As always, the finished measurement is for reference only. The actual measurement depending on the lenght of the felting process. I would also recommend lining the purse to increase the durability.

This tote Bag is available to purchase at for $4.00

or you can contact me directly by email me at

Attached is a couple pictures of the tote bag.

Like always, comment is always welcome!

Silka B.

Lace and Twist Cable Gloves and Socks

After a long wait, my lace and twist cable gloves and socks patterns are available in the Interweave Holiday issue which is available in the newstand near you. I am very happy with the pictures of the projects. I have attached the pictures in this post.

Following are the pictures of the gloves:

And the following is the pictures for the socks:

Both of the projects are worked using sock yarn in size 1 needle and they were worked using magic loop method. Want to know more about magic loop, please refer to my earlier posting.
As always, I welcome any comments and if you have any questions about the patterns. Please feel free to contact me! Also, please do drop by Ravelry to check out my other designs!

Silka B.
Kaleido by Silkie B

Scooped Lace Vest

I am so excited to see my scooped Lace Vest is now available in Jan Issue of Creative knitting which in the newstand now. As always, they did such a good job on the picture and make the vest look great!

The magazine version:

My original version:

The version in the magazine is a longer version and my original design was a shorter version; hence, the pattern also provide a belt option. With the latest fashion trend... a belt is a must have for this winter. As always, if anyone has any issue with the pattern, just simple drop me a line..

Not sure why the magazine drop off my last name.. hmmmmm...
As always, you can look for my design in - just search Silka Burgoyne as designer!

Silka Tong Burgoyne
Kaleido by Silkie B.