Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where did the time go?

Today is my baby Channah's 1st Birthday... is it really? How time flies! I just want to share some new pics of my baby girl! She is a tiny compare to other kids at her age but she is one active girl.. has been walking for 2 months already!!!!

Here is a picture of Channah in tutu... She enjoys going to Kimi's Dance class... and she loves walking into the dance studio and look at herself in the mirror... something tells me she will also be a dancer!

Here is a pic of Channah as a Lady bug in Halloween.. it was cold other so she does has quite a few layer.. make her looks kind of chubby.. and yes, I am on the process of written down the pattern for her Beret... it's cable and lace panel.. very easy knit in worsted weight.. so stay tune....
All I really wanted to say to Channah is 'Happy 1st Birthday sweetie... you are definitely my sunshine and I love you more than you can imagine even thought you keep me up all night!'

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