Friday, February 1, 2008

Regrets on unfinished project....

A lot of knitters usually have a few projects going on at the same time... and sometimes there is always a project laying around that the knitter knows would never get finished. I wonder whether anyone out there ever regret never finished a project?

I am like many of the knitters out there... have 4 projects going on at the moment in which a couples of them I know I would eventually finished or never finished.. the other two projects I am currently working on. I have regrets never finished one important project and I would not forgive myself not finished it....

I enjoyed making felted purses. All my purses are inspired by people around me. I tried to encompass their personality and daily activities to design a purse just for them. One of my mother-in-law's good pal, Dee Dee, has seen my purses and wanted me to make her one. I did a little interview with her sometimes in October last year, I asked her prefer color, size and strap option. She told me that she wanted a purse with black and lime green, medium size with shoulder strap. I took her suggestion and designed a purse just for her. I started knitting the Dee Dee purse and change a couple details along the way. I was hoping to finish the project before the holiday however due to the time constraint, I have to put it aside. Since winter is not the best time for felting project so I decided that I would pick it up again in spring.

After the maddness of the holiday, I went on a month long vacation oversea with my family. By the time I returned, I got an horrible news from my mother-in-law that Dee Dee has fell and broken her hip during her vacation in Vegas. Before her operation, the doctor found out she had heart failure. Dee Dee underwent triple bypass surgery and had complication. Dee Dee passed away a couple days ago, a week shy of her 69 birthday.
I was devastated. I regret never finished the Dee Dee purse. Now I looked at the unfinished purse, I asked myself whether or not I should finished it. I hate not to finish it but at the same time I could not bring myself to finish it. It remained me so much of Dee Dee - A joyful lady.

As of today, I don't think I will finish the project. But when the time pass, I might eventually have the courage to finish it. Now, I looked at those unfinished project, I told myself, one day I shall finish them so that I won't have another regret like the Dee Dee purse.

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