Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Some good news....

I have been trying to submit my design to magazine and website and hoping one day.. my design will be published. I submited a few projects and got rejected. I was disppointed everytime I got rejected. I was naived and I was not awared of competition is so big out there.

Before the holiday, I tried submit a couple projects again. I went on a vacation to Hong Kong and China and forgot all about it. I figured it would probably be the same situation again. As I started to regroup myself and get ready for new round of submission. I got an email that one of my pattern I submitted before the holiday would get published in the fall this year! I was excited! Now I need to get the sample and pattern ready to send to the magazine before the deadline in March.

I could not wait to see my pattern on the magazine... too bad I have to wait for quite a long time. With this a little bit of good news, it really get me going on my knitting and my design. I know it's a long road for me if I wanted to pursue my dream, but it definitely a good start!

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